It started with 3 guys who love SEO

Working at an agency, we set out to find the best tools we could get. We needed something that could keep up with clients from Dell down to Bob's Pickles, but nothing lived up to our wildest SEO dreams. So we created Nozzle, the rank tracker we couldn't live without.

This is our density...

I mean, our destiny!

July 2012

At, Derek (VP of Tech) and Joe (Lead Developer) are tasked with evaluating any and all rank tracking software.

June 2013

We have by now tried many SEO monitoring software options including Conductor, BrightEdge, SEO Clarity, and Moz, but walk away unsatisfied.

April 2014

Nozzle is incorporated with the goal of building the best rank tracking software in the world.

May 2015

Nozzle's first customer is acquired!

July 2015

Nozzle collects 1 billion data points in a single day

October 2015

Nozzle launches multiple scheduling options, the first ever in the industry.

February 2016

Nozzle participates in the Techstars Kansas City accelerator program.

March 2016

Nozzle releases Chart.js 2.0 and trends #1 on Github and Product Hunt. Developed by our own Tanner Linsley and good friend Evert Timberg, it's now faster than ever, offers 8 flexible chart types and is even more extensible.

May 2016

Jumpsuit is released and trends #1 on Github and Product Hunt. Initially developed for Nozzle to utilize React and Redux, it has become a popular javascript framework for building web applications with minimal overhead or boilerplate.

June 2016

Public Launch Day!

Where we're going, we don't need roads...

Meet the Team

Derek Perkins


Derek is a go developer. He writes a lot of backend code, but also does the business side. He is an experienced entrepreneur, and enjoys the startup battlefield. He enjoys short walks on the beach and triple-OREO ice cream.

Joe Bergevin

Backend CTO

Joe has a proven track record in designing tools that improve efficiency and deliver optimal outcomes for clients and companies. An innovative designer and developer, Joe has used a variety of programming languages, most recently specializing in Go (Golang) and PHP. Joe’s love for programming dates back to his teenage years when he spent his spare time in school programming games for his graphic calculator to share with his friends - earning him the nickname "TI Joe".

Tanner Linsley

Front-End Engineer

Tanner is obsessive and passionate about Javascript, React, UI/UX, Data Visualization and all things web. He loves problem solving and design, and considers Github his playground. Tanner is always on the edge of the modern software stack loves developing new solutions, frameworks, and systems for complex problems. He is a core contributor to Chart.js, the most popular charting library in the world, and also wrote Jumpsuit.js, which was initially written for Nozzle, but now it's used by thousands of people to build web apps.

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