Tracking & Monitoring

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100% SERP Visibility

With other tools, you are tied to a single domain, but with Nozzle, you can track as many SERP results as you want. We make this easy by using Brands, Properties, and URLs instead of single domains. If that's not enough, we even let you build custom rules to get as specific as you want! These features allow Nozzle to perform powerful competitive analysis between other brands, individual properties, and even URLs.

Use Cases

  • Track external blogs, PR releases, guest posts on external domains, Quora results
  • Track using Custom Rules
  • Automatic & Dynamic Competitive Views

Competitive Analysis

Unlimited competitors for free.

As opposed to tracking individual domains, tracking brands makes it easy to monitor their every move. You can do this by brand, property or even URL to get aggreggated or detailed comparisons as needed.

Share of Voice & Rewriting History

Don't know who your competitors are? Just take a look at our share-of-voice dashboard to immediately detect unknown competitors by Domain, Subdomain, and URL. If you like what you see, add them as a named competitor and we will rewrite all of your historical data to include your newfound competition! It's like having a time machine!

Flexible Scheduling

Not all keywords are created equal. Thankfully, Nozzle is the first and only rank tracker to offer flexible and real-time schedules. Instead of forcing you to pay the same price to track your long-tail keywords as your head terms, Nozzle let's you split your keywords into as many different scheduling buckets you want.

This way, you can closely monitor your most important keywords daily, hourly or even every 5 minutes, but still keep an eye on thousands more by scheduling them weekly or monthly without breaking the bank.



Out of the box, Nozzle can show you data you've probably only imagined in your wildest dreams. Ad-adjusted rank, pixel height, and even click-to-call phone numbers are just a few examples of the immense detail we give you on the SERP. Honestly, we can't wait to see what you can do with it!


  • Estimated Traffic
  • PPC Value
  • Search Volume

Advanced metrics that go above and beyond to help identify and assign dollar amounts and revenue to your SEO


  • Pixels from Top
  • Ad-adjusted Rank
  • Blended Rank

Blended Rank is expected from any rank tracker, but at Nozzle we don't think that's enough. Ad-adjusted Rank and Pixels from Top of page are new and powerful metrics unique to Nozzle, and will surely put your rank tracking above your competitors.

Keyword Groups

  • Group-level Scheduling
  • Pay Once, Use Anywhere
  • Bulk-Keyword Management

Nozzle takes keyword groups to a whole new level with group-driven performance dashboards, drill-through, and comparison. If that wasn't cool enough, you can place keywords in as many groups as you want, and only pay once

Global & Local

  • Any Engine
  • Any Country
  • Any Location

To understand your audience, you need to search like your audience. Want the results from a mobile Google search at that famous coffee shop in downtown London? We've got them.

Devices & OS

  • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • App Store, Play Store

Track your rankings at the deepest level of user engagement with Nozzle's powerful device, OS, and platform options. Uncover untapped marketing opportunities and beat the competition from every angle.


  • AdWords
  • Ad Extensions
  • Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Get up close and personal with paid results and discover how they affect your results day to day.

Agency Tools

Manage your agency like a boss.

  • Segment Teams & Clients
  • Aggregated views and bulk keyword management
  • Unlimited users at no extra charge

Reputation Management

Keep the "you know what" from hitting the fan.

  • Track and discover both positive and negative domains
  • Get notified when they enter or exit any page or position
  • Preventative - Catch negative sites before they rank high

Integrations & Export

We've made sure that all of the data you pay for is truly yours to command. Every data point is ultra-portable and accessible through a variety of providers and exportable data types.

Business Intelligence
  • API
  • Big Query / MySQL
  • CSV

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