Only pay once for keywords. Gain unlimited competitors and views

Garden Hose

$250 / mo
billed yearlyor $313 / mo
18,000 credits

1.8¢ / credit

600 daily
4,500 weekly
18,000 monthly

Pressure Washer

$500 / mo
billed yearlyor $625 / mo
40,000 credits

1.6¢ / credit

1,300 daily
9,500 weekly
40,000 monthly

Fire Hose

$2,000 / mo
billed yearlyor $2,500 / mo
200,000 credits

1.3¢ / credit

6,600 daily
50,000 weekly
200,000 monthly

Jet Stream

$10,000 / mo
billed yearlyor $12,500 / mo
1,250,000 credits

1¢ / credit

41,600 daily
312,500 weekly
1,250,000 monthly
Having commitment issues?

Spray As You Go

$20 (1,000 credits) at a time
2¢ / credit - never expires

Frequently Answered Questions

What is a credit?

A credit is used whenever we retrieve data for a keyword-engine-language-device-location combination. This combination is commonly referred to as a SERP, or, Search Engine Results Page.

Will I ever get charged twice for the same keyword?

Never. Once data for a keyword is retrieved, you can use that data however you please, as many times as you want, forever. This includes unlimited competitors, views, and even reanalyzing past keywords for more insights.

How many credits do I need per month?

Suggested Plan:

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