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Dogfooding React-Static for a month: Static-site heaven, upgrades, community growth and roadmap!

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So many people have tried and are now using react-static in production since it’s release last month and we couldn’t be more excited for the future of the library! After using it for ourselves in production for the last month, we wanted to have a quick state-of-the-library and talk about it!

Straight to it then!

We’ve made a list of the notable features of react-static that have continued to impress us and our users for the last month!

  • It’s light. Very light. Both in the sense of the bundle sizes it produces, and the codebase itself. It has been very easy to maintain and upgrade, even for first-time contributors!
  • Extremely simple api surface. Feels like you’re using create-react-app for static-sites!
  • Data-agnostic. We can’t describe how nice it’s been to work with our data in the most familiar context available: Simple Javascript.
  • Amazing developer experience. On the daily, we get both new and experienced developers praising it. It’s just down right fun to use
  • Extremely fast build times. There are already websites with hundreds of pages using react-static. Their build times are outstanding.

Just recently, we saw move to react-static from Next.js They had this to say about react-static:

React-Static FTW. Fastest sites on the internet, especially with Netlify. Also, preact-static would be sweeeet :)

Which brings us to our roadmap!


We’ve got some great things in the pipeline:

  • Hardcore SEO utilities. Think Yoast but for React ;)
  • Pre-built connectors for notable CMS’s like Contentful, GraphCMS, and more!
  • Intelligent data-splitting for JSON files and templates.
  • Using react-static for more than just static websites. It’s already been a create-react-app replacement for a few of our users. We’ve also got our eyes set on hybrid environments too!
  • Preact Support.

Come Join the Party!

Whether you want to build a new static-site, SPA, or contribute to an awesome open source library, react-static is worth the investment!

$ yarn global add react-static # or $ npm install -g react-static # then $ react-static create
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